The List of Artificial Intelligence in Romania

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Bucuresti, Bucharest
Aysa.AI is an innovative tool that automates SEO processes for e-commerce businesses. It streamlines time-consuming tasks, such as keyword research, competitor research, content creation, backlinking,...

Bitcom IOT

Bucuresti, Bucharest
BitCom is an international software and hardware solutions provider based in Bucharest, Romania. We specialize in creating devices with smart machine learning and IoT capabilities, allowing our client...


Opera Center, Strada Costache Negri 1-5, București 050552, Bucharest
DRUID is a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to build, deploy, and optimize AI-driven Conversational Business Applications. It provides an intuitive way to improve employee productivity a...

Happy Recruiter

Strada Liviu Rebreanu 19, Târgu Mureș 540015
We have leveraged Artificial Intelligence technology, online marketing, and our expertise to create Dora, the Recruitment Robot, at

Smart Touch Technologies

Sky, Calea Floreasca 246C, București 014476, Bucharest
At Smart Touch Technologies, we are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate and exchange data. We are creating an intelligent ecosystem powered by AI and machine learning, boosting the performa...

dotLumen - Empowering the Blind

dotLumen is a research startup dedicated to improving the lives of the blind, using the latest developments in AI, robotics, and neuroscience. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Cluj, Rom...

Strada Ion Ghica 13, București 030167, Bucharest
Humans is a cutting-edge blockchain platform that unifies a community of stakeholders interested in leveraging artificial intelligence.

Openfabric AI

Sibiu, Sibiu
Openfabric is a platform designed to empower developers to build and connect AI-Apps with ease. It provides an accessible and low-cost ecosystem that allows users to access powerful Artificial Intelli...

Calea Circumvalațiunii, Timișoara 300013, Timisoara offers a range of services, including Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce, and Marketing. Additionally, they provide AI Product Recommendation Engines and Beh...


Strada General David Praporgescu 1-5, București 020965, Bucharest
RepsMate is a Romanian-based Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics start-up that empowers businesses to gain insights into their customers' needs, wants, behaviors, and trends in order to help th...


Bulevardul 15 Noiembrie 44, Brașov 500096, Brasov


Strada Ion Ghica 13, București 030167, Bucharest
We have developed a technology platform that combines data integration and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to create a Human Digital DNA. It is then opened up as an API for businesses. The p...


Str. Nicolae G. Caramfil 49, București 077190, Bucharest
Veridion leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to provide businesses with unparalleled data enrichment. Our data sets are renowned for their accuracy and comprehensi...


Strada Viitorului nr.2, Mlecănești 207405, Bucharest

AIAAS Technologies

Tirol, Caras-Severin
AIAAS is the premier provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for e-commerce businesses. Our cutting-edge platform utilizes sophisticated machine learning technology to create one-of-a-kind,...


Cluj, Cluj
Our app introduces a groundbreaking new approach to the energy market by providing users with a tool to analyze their energy usage. Through a quick and simple onboarding questionnaire, users can easil...


Bucuresti, Bucharest
At Meetgeek, our mission is to make online meetings easier and more effective for teams. We offer a virtual meeting assistant that automates joining conference software like Zoom and MS Teams, records...

There's An AI For That

Bucuresti, Bucharest
Welcome to "There's An AI For That," the premier destination for the latest and greatest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our platform is the go-to place for discovering, exploring, and leveraging the...

Woof Diet

Woof Diet is an innovative platform that offers tailored nutrition plans for dogs, crafted by an intelligent algorithm that utilizes customer feedback. They provide pet food based on the customer's sp...


Brasov, Brasov
LOPI is a revolutionary platform providing retailers in the fashion and furniture sectors with the latest technological advancements. Our cutting-edge AI-powered visual recognition technology allows m...
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